Saturday, October 27, 2012

Go With Your Gut Thrift! - Preschool Shows

So I wandered into Goodwill without my trusty, rusty smartphone and happened across this small Kipper the Dog plush. Do you remember this show? I do. It was one of our family's favorite shows. It was in excellent condition. Kipper is no longer on the air (at least around here) so I picked him up for a mere $.25. When I got home and checked the prices on Ebay I discovered that there was nothing very similar to it listed. I listed it for a Buy It Now of $15 and it sold within 12 hours of listing.

During this same trip, I ran across "Bear" from Franklin the Turtle. Now, I am familiar with this show, and the books also, but this is not one of my more favorite shows. And bear is not one of my more favorite characters. I passed on purchasing him for $.50 and I'm glad I did. I also checked on his going rate and discovered he had been listed several times but none had sold on Ebay in the last 60 days.

So the lessons I learned: 1. Quit forgetting to bring my smartphone in   2. Go with your gut! and  3. Do more research on preschool show toys.

Have you ever looked into old preschool shows?   I think because the shows change so often, some of the toys are almost vintage and/or hard to find in a few years.  Some of my favorite shows and best sellers are Wiggles (especially since everyone but Anthony left the show), Little Einsteins,  Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - and those are just the ones that comes to mind off the top of my head.

I know once my child loved a show, everyone loved to buy things that had to do with the show: DVDs, toys,  decorations, etc.   A while back, I picked up some Little Einstein party decorations for a mere $.50 and sold them for almost $20.00.

Do you have any preschool show's toys that you look for while thrifting, that you would like to share?  Please do so in the comments!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Most people love Fridays because its the end of a work week. But any good thrifter knows, we love Fridays because its the start of our quest for deals.

My Thursdays are all about the Fridays! My Friday literally starts on Thursday - let me explain. Thursday is all about the research. You see, in my neck of the woods, not only do the garage sales start up on Friday, but we have $.50 Fridays & Saturdays at the thrift store. Because I make the rounds at all the stores in the chain, that are in my area, I have to plan ahead on whats available so I am in and out of the store in a short amount of time.

Thursday I spend hours going through the store almost piece by piece looking for the little colored tags that they place on every item. Each Friday they pick a color of a tag to mark it at $.50 for any item, and usually the color they pick is the color that they have advertised on sale all week for 50% off.

I try to put my finds together in one spot so they are easily accessible the next day when that $25.00 leather coat is only going to cost me $.50 and I can get in and out, with the exception of the slow checkout lane.
It really is fun. The work, at least for me, doesn't start until its listing time. Bleck! That's when I have to find something on You Tube to listen to, that will motivate me to whittle down my hoard of bargains. ;)

What's your favorite time/place to thrift? Do you have any routines on where and when you shop?