Monday, June 1, 2015

Why I quit the Reselling Facebook Groups

Why did I quit all my Facebook reselling groups?

It had become a total time suck.

I had joined several reselling groups.  When I had first joined them, they seemed to be helpful.  I learned a few things and taught others a few things and all was good in the world.  But lately these same groups have turned dark, off topic, and unhelpful.

I have witnessed name calling, political ramblings, and of course you have the trolls who come in and just stir the pot by giving bad advice on purpose.  I witnessed in a supposed "advanced" $1500+ group of resellers, a post of "I had 3 shirts not selling, so I bundled them and they sold!"  This post then preceded to receive tons of likes and comments.   That's when I had my "aha" moment.  Bundles are a new idea to these people supposedly selling $1500+ on Ebay???   I need to step away,,,,far, far away.

Since I'm not spending my extra time on Facebook my sales have skyrocketed.  I'm not exaggerating.  I broke my all-time sales record on Ebay last month and I am on pace to break that record this coming month.

To be totally honest, I am still a member of one small Ebay group.  It is a free group, it is by invite only and it is run by a person who has been featured on Ebay Radio many, many times.  So in case I have an Ebay problem or question, I do have a reliable place to go for an answer but I do/will not "hang out" there.

Okay, sorry to rant.  But I do suggest that if you want to sell more,  you need to list more, and often, and one way to do this is to limit your time on Facebook.
Happy Listing!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Ebay needs to do to make defects more fair.....

I am not a big fan of the defect system Ebay has put into place.  I consider myself a good seller but the defects from my past (when I didn't know they would be defects) have put me on edge.   I am still considered a Top Rated Seller but only by a slim margin.

This past week I received two neutrals from two different buyers.  That equals two defects.  Two defects will send anyone's Top Rated Seller status into a downward spiral.  But what upset me more then the neutral feedbacks is that:
1) The buyer never contacted me.  I check my feedback everyday and BAM! a neutral out of no where.
2) The neutral feedbacks didn't even make sense!  One feedback was a question to me and the other was simply stated "Amazing!"

I called Ebay about both feedbacks and had them both removed.  I had them easily removed because they didn't make any sense to the customer service rep either.

I think Ebay needs to educate the BUYERS!  I think there should be a 'block' from leaving anything other than positive feedback unless the buyer has made an attempt to contact the seller via Ebay messages.

I love Ebay and I will put my head down and get back to listing but I always say a little prayer that my next buyer knows the actual value of Ebay feedback and will contact me if they have a problem instead of leaving bad and/or confusing feedback.