Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Ebay needs to do to make defects more fair.....

I am not a big fan of the defect system Ebay has put into place.  I consider myself a good seller but the defects from my past (when I didn't know they would be defects) have put me on edge.   I am still considered a Top Rated Seller but only by a slim margin.

This past week I received two neutrals from two different buyers.  That equals two defects.  Two defects will send anyone's Top Rated Seller status into a downward spiral.  But what upset me more then the neutral feedbacks is that:
1) The buyer never contacted me.  I check my feedback everyday and BAM! a neutral out of no where.
2) The neutral feedbacks didn't even make sense!  One feedback was a question to me and the other was simply stated "Amazing!"

I called Ebay about both feedbacks and had them both removed.  I had them easily removed because they didn't make any sense to the customer service rep either.

I think Ebay needs to educate the BUYERS!  I think there should be a 'block' from leaving anything other than positive feedback unless the buyer has made an attempt to contact the seller via Ebay messages.

I love Ebay and I will put my head down and get back to listing but I always say a little prayer that my next buyer knows the actual value of Ebay feedback and will contact me if they have a problem instead of leaving bad and/or confusing feedback.

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  1. It seems like all this new system did was increase the amount of time sellers and ebay reps have to spend on the phone fighting these silly defects!