Monday, June 1, 2015

Why I quit the Reselling Facebook Groups

Why did I quit all my Facebook reselling groups?

It had become a total time suck.

I had joined several reselling groups.  When I had first joined them, they seemed to be helpful.  I learned a few things and taught others a few things and all was good in the world.  But lately these same groups have turned dark, off topic, and unhelpful.

I have witnessed name calling, political ramblings, and of course you have the trolls who come in and just stir the pot by giving bad advice on purpose.  I witnessed in a supposed "advanced" $1500+ group of resellers, a post of "I had 3 shirts not selling, so I bundled them and they sold!"  This post then preceded to receive tons of likes and comments.   That's when I had my "aha" moment.  Bundles are a new idea to these people supposedly selling $1500+ on Ebay???   I need to step away,,,,far, far away.

Since I'm not spending my extra time on Facebook my sales have skyrocketed.  I'm not exaggerating.  I broke my all-time sales record on Ebay last month and I am on pace to break that record this coming month.

To be totally honest, I am still a member of one small Ebay group.  It is a free group, it is by invite only and it is run by a person who has been featured on Ebay Radio many, many times.  So in case I have an Ebay problem or question, I do have a reliable place to go for an answer but I do/will not "hang out" there.

Okay, sorry to rant.  But I do suggest that if you want to sell more,  you need to list more, and often, and one way to do this is to limit your time on Facebook.
Happy Listing!